A New Jointer!

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Sometime You Need To Spend Money

The Jointer

I finally broke down and picked up a jointer. It's not my first jointer. But, I haven't had one for a few years. So this is a huge change in the shop and the way I build.

Also, since the other two jointers I had in the past were next to useless, they didn't stay around for very long. This is the first "real" joint planer I have ever owned.


It was a lucky CL find. It's a 2002 model G1182HW 6" in almost new condition and the guy who sold it to me had already leveled the beds and dialed in the knives. Consequently, they are sharp as new!

Although, I believe you make your own luck. It should be noted I have been looking for a jointer for a few years now. The hunt began as soon as I realized my last jointer was not going to cut it.


Holy wolf mother can I move a lot faster now. For the last three or so years I have been doing all my dimensioning with hand planes, the table saw, and thickness planer.

This jointer just stepped my game up considerably. Combined with the new shop and the ever Feng Shuing of it, I am able to go at least 10x faster than a year ago!

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