Loving The New Joint Planer!

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Much More Productive!

Joint Planer

I finished the Live Edge Stand build this week with the help of the new joint planer. It's a great addition to the shop.

As a result of buying the planer, I was able to use one of the chainsaw (Alaskan) milled maple slabs to create the legs for the top. So much easier and faster than hand planing! We woodworkers really do excited over a new tool.

Coffee Bar

I was also able to get the oak glue up completed and trimmed to size for the coffee bar for "the boss".

This is my first run at creating a stand / table with x brace style legs. Some challenges presented themselves quickly. For example, cutting the angles on the braces wasn't easy. I went the fast, possibly unsafe route this round. I cut them free hand on my sliding miter saw, only using a penciled in guideline as a reference. In other words, I really should have built a jig. Maybe next time.

Stay Tuned

It was another great week, stay tuned for more this coming week. I haven't figured out how to finish all my builds because of the cold weather, but that won't stop me from building!

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