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No Sign Of Slowing Down

Adirondack Chair Build Mock up #5

Since the summer I have completed 5 mock up Adirondack chairs trying to find the best design for comfort and ease of constructing. It's bee quite a task.

Because, I refuse to sacrifice quality and comfort for shoddy construction and profit. Not great for a business model, but wonderful for someone who is looking to enjoy a great Adirondack chair... I want a great Adirondack chair. I'm sure someone else does too.

The key to my design is the positioning of one's lower back and shoulders. I want to be able to sit in it without neck fatigue or my tailbone hurting after 10 minutes. Every Adirondack chair I've ever sat in has caused both.

I think this new mock up will be closer to what I'm looking for. This has been another project with a lot of passion. And, I don't think it will be perfected anytime soon.

The Walnut Stand With A Single Drawer

I also finished a walnut stand with a single drawer. This stand was donated to a charity auction. I hope it brings a great price and raises some money for a good cause.

**EDIT** The stand did in fact bring a great price, over $300!!! I'm glad to have helped out the Golisano Children's Hospital .

Other Projects

Also, I've finished the photographer's backdrop and delivered it to a very happy young professional photographer. She specializes in taking photos of babies and was looking for a multi colored floor backdrop to set baskets, blankets, etc. on. Then she can photograph the babies in or on them.

I've refinished a few pieces too, and built a bunch of other items. I'll post some soon to social media and in the portfolio.

The Barn Salvage

The last 3 weeks has been intense with a barn salvage job for reclaimed wood. I was lucky enough to be offered whatever I wanted from an old barn locally. So, I took advantage of the opportunity.

So far I've collected a ton of barn beam, most of it may not be usable other than firewood, but we'll see. I've also salvaged a ton of other lumber that was stored in the barn. And, I was able to take most of a loft's floor boards. All 2 inch thick tongue and groove pine! This has been one heck of a score!

In Other News

My table saw is dying. It's an old 1980's Craftsman Contractor Saw. Nothing special at all, but it's the best one I've had so far. The motor has been rebuilt once already, but now it's official dead. Time to CL hunt for a new one!

I found one pretty quickly, which surprised me. This is the same model and close to the same year as the old table saw except it has a major upgrade. A Delta Unisaw Fence!!! Awesomeness!!!

I've also acquired a new to me band saw. Another vintage Craftsman tool, I'm guessing from the 1950's or 1960's. I need to look it up t be sure. But, the price was right and it will fit the need for something to cut all the curved parts of the Adirondack chair.

Almost too busy here, and continued projects in development too, but busy is good!

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