I Got A New Woodworking Shop!

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Life Is Good!

The New Woodworking Shop

Life is good, I now have my own woodworking shop! The two stall garage at my new home is all for woodworking. "The Boss" was OK with it. I can't begin to describe how exciting that was.

The Move

We moved in February of 2017 and I can say the shop is set up quite well for being in it less than a year.

I swear I've moved everything at least 20 times, but I've managed to get a lot done.

Firstly, most of the walls have been insulated, sheathed, and some electrical outlets roughed in.

Secondly, the first of two lofts are built. These will be storage for lumber and also act as a ceiling to help keep the heat in.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, a man door has been installed. As a result, I don't have to go in and out through the big door. Eventually I will find a way to heat the shop. So, not opening the big door to let all the heat out makes a lot of sense.

There is still a ton of work to do, but it's a great start for the first year. I have a new woodworking shop!

Squeezing Everything In

With all of the moving and new house projects, it was tough to squeeze in woodworking projects, but I managed.

The images above only represent a small amount of the overall picture. But, I was able to work on a wide range of projects. From refinishing to designing a few new builds. I even got a few days of barn beam salvage and wood milling in! Plus, I helped take down an enormous spruce tree I will be milling soon. Check back for more updates coming soon.

Before The Move

Last summer, fall, and winter were extremely busy. I milled an incredible amount of wood after breaking down and getting my new STIHL 362 chainsaw, which is AWESOME!

What a difference that made with Alaskan milling. A 25" bar really helps too. I'll be posting some videos and pics on social media of all the fun. Check my links below.

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