Post Turkey Day Progress

Blog Image from Live Edge Stand

Tryptophan Can't Stop The Progress!

Live Edge Stand

It's been slow, yet productive these last couple of weeks. I finished the assembly and sanding of the Live Edge Stand made from maple and walnut. As a result it, is super smooth!

I'll have to wait until the warmer weather comes to put the finishing touches on it. I'm not currently heating the shop. As a result it is hard to finish any project.

The Jointer

The jointer is still proving its value. I have started to create a coffee bar for my kitchen by special order of "the boss".

The dimensioned lumber above is the second round at attempting x brace style legs. I'm using some reclaimed barn floor pine to build all the framing. The top and shelves will be made from white oak.

The Gumwood Bookcase

The bookcase from reclaimed gumwood salvaged from the original garage loft is coming along too.

Cutting Boards

Lastly, I also took some ash and walnut I had and made three cutting boards. They are branded, sanded, and in the process of oiling. Check out my Instagram in the next few days for the oiling video.

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