Winter Woodworking Projects?

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Good Ol' Rochester Weather

Woodworking Projects

The weather has been a little wacky this "winter"? It gets warm, then really cold, then warm again. Great for making everyone sick. But, the nutty weather and lack of heat in my shop has forced me to figure out a plan for finishing my woodworking projects.

I think I have found the answer though, I'm going all non toxics. Therefore I can work in the house, the basement specifically, without making too much smell or toxic fumes.


The size of my projects will be limited, due to the house door and stairs being narrow and a little hard to navigate, but I will be able to keep moving along. Problem solved in my book.

In The Works

Currently I am finishing up the reclaimed gumwood bookcase, the coffee bar, applying the finish to the live edge maple and walnut stand, making a bunch of cutting boards for Christmas gifts and to sell.

This coming week I'll be adding another Child's Steps With Hand Rails project, a Component Console, another Live Edge project, and possibly a coffee table made from all reclaimed and salvaged wood.

The Shop

I also took some time to rearrange my shop for better flow. It all started with just turning my table saw around, but quickly escalated into a complete rearrangement of the floor layout.

Every time I do this, the work space gets much easier to move around in and the work flow increases. I always analyze space, work flow, and movement, then applying of better ideas. Gotta keep the woodworking projects going!

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