Got A Track Saw!

A Track Saw & Spray Time

The Track Saw

Let's start with the important part, I got a track saw! Why am I so excited? Well, I can now rip sheet goods perfectly straight and on a 45 degree if needed.

This is a game changes in my shop. Especially because one of the new projects requires a lot of sheet goods (plywood) to be cut and my setup of a straight edge and cordless circular saw wouldn't cut it for quality need.

So I purchased the Track Saw. Another tool that saves tons of time and allows for perfectly straight and square cuts! Much easier to work with too, and safer. Check out the video above of the first time I used it to make a cut.

"Relaxing Sunday Build"

February has flown by, but I was able to finish this months "Relaxing Sunday Build." A coastal cottage style coffee table.

It started with a reclaimed pine top I've had laying around for a couple of years, and enough left over cuttoffs from the loft builds to create the base.

Spray Time

Building the base of the coffee table with all the slats forced me to start using my pneumatic paint spray gun. Another tool that saves a ton of time and produces higher quality work.

I picked the gun up on the cheap a few years ago, but never took the time to learn how to use it. That mistake has been corrected. The spray gun saves a ton of time and the finish is much better than brushing or rolling.

Other Projects

I have a few other projects in the works as well, and am always moving stuff around in the shop to get a better flow down. Recently I changed where my miter station is located. The new location allows for longer outfeed sections and much better shop movement.

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