Corner Cabinet Build & More

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Corner Cabinet Build & More Projects

Corner Cabinet

The last four months have been action packed. I finished one of the largest builds ever, a custom corner cabinet.

With an over 6 foot front and about 6 feet tall, this was an enormous project for me. What made it even a bigger challenge was the fact that the cabinet needed to built in three sections that would fit through a standard home entry door.

A ton of design work and planning went into this build. I had to make the corner cabinet in full in the wood shop, and make it so when the pieces went together you couldn't tell it wasn't all one large piece.

As a result of a lot of designing and figuring I created a corner cabinet that made the owner happy and me happy I was able to build it. Plus it installed relatively easy. A win in my book.

The A.L. Swett Cast Iron Bench

I sent the A.L. Swett Cast Iron Bench refinish project onto its new home. Bent's Opera House in Medina NY purchased it as a part of the town history.

A.L. Swett was an iron works in the town and it is only fitting the bench end up back where it was made.

Plus, the Opera House is currently under restoration, and when it's back to glory, the bench will be a great addition.

More Projects

I also built a custom sofa stand, finished a bunch of other small projects, reorganized the shop and lofts about three times, refinished a table top, honed my air gun spray skills, set up a few makeshift spray booths in the shop, and so much more... so much got done in the last four months.

Alaskan Milling

I got some much needed chainsaw time in! I love chainsaw time! Love it, love the smell, the sound, wood chips flying, just love it.

I Alaskan milled some pine slabs. I know, pine, who wants pine? But pine comes in really handy, and I milled these slabs three inches thick, so I can make some heavy duty legs, thick tops, bench seats, etc. Who knows, but I know I'll find a use for them.

It's been busy to say the least. You can check out some of the recent builds, especially the large custom corner cabinet project on the Portfolio page.

More projects are in process, and if you haven't yet, follow along on my Instagram @RandallsWoodWorks and don't forget to like my facebook page RandallsWoodWorks. Enjoy the summer!

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