Custom Coffee Table Build Is Done

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Another Project For The Books

Custom Coffee Table

It's been a busy and productive summer. Multiple projects are underway and the custom coffee table has been completed and awaiting pick up.

Above is some of the process that took place to create this custom coffee table.

It was a bespoke woodworking project from a previous customer. They had purchased a similar table, but used it as a TV stand. Consequently, they needed a coffee table to match.

Not Just A Hobby Anymore?

Custom woodwork has always been something I tried to stay way from. Generally I like to build wood items and products and sell them, or worse, give them away.

Woodworking has always been more of a hobby and an outlet for me. With custom work, that all changes. You are working for a customer and the process, time frame, deadline, etc. changes because of that.

Most importantly, you are now serving someone else's wants and needs. The passion is still there, it just has to be focused.

Overall I am happy I took the project on and will keep taking more custom work in the future. I need to build the hobby, and having someone else come up with projects that fill a need is a great way to do that.

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