Custom Cherry and Walnut Coffee Table

The customer who purchased Reclaimed Table 02 used it as a TV Stand and asked for a custom coffee table be made to match. I used all rough sawn walnut and cherry as my materials. Some of the process of creating this table can be found on the blog, dated 8/13/2016.

Child's Steps With Sides and Hand Rails

Children needs steps to reach the sink, counters, etc. This design is made to help them do just that, and do it safely.

The child can guide themselves up the steps with the built in hand rails and feel independent. This piece is finished in a non toxic stain and water based gloss finish.

Reclaimed Table 02

This table has a reclaimed mahogany top from the base of RCT01.

The base of this one was completely made from locally sourced walnut that I processed all from rough cut lumber.

Cottage Style Coffee Table 01

I came across an old maple counter top or desk top that I trimmed down, sanded, stained, and finished in a matte polyurethane.

The base was made from and old pine cabinet that cut down into the needed pieces and then painted in a matte white.

Reclaimed Table 01

This table was constructed from a salvaged base made of Mahogany and a top made from an old pine door.

Simple construction with a matte white paint on the base and a quick sanding, staining, and matte finish on the top.

Simple Stand With A Single Drawer

The seventh version of the third series of stands I have been working on. This particular one is made from locally sourced walnut, same tree as the base of Reclaimed Table 02.

I donated this piece to the RE/MAX Plus 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Children's Miracle Network of Hospitals and our local Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong.

Multi Species Coffee Table 01

Four species of wood, walnut, cherry, oak, and poplar, make up this coffee table.

The top has been glued up as a solid slab and the shelf below is made into slats to add some character. All supported by a poplar frame.

End Table Set From Reclaimed Lumber

Almost all of the wood used in the construction of these end tables came from an old entertainment center.

They are solid pine and finished with a Jacobean stain and semi-gloss poly.

The single drawer added some storage space and a little weight to these extremely light tables.

Cherry Bench 03

This bench was a commissioned piece that needed to be designed to fit in a hallway and have a rounded corner to keep everyone's knees safe.

It also needed to be tall for the client who is 6'7" and needed shelves for shoes below. The final product came out great and the client was very pleased.

Reclaimed Bench 01

Someone dropped off a set of old stairs full of nails and covered in carpet. They asked if I could use the wood, I was a little hesitant, but said sure. After long hours of pulling nails, tearing carpet off, planing, sawing, then finally gluing together, the seat was made for this bench. The legs are pieces from an old door and shop scraps. This was more of an experiment in working with reclaimed wood and playing with geometric design on the legs than anything else, but the final piece came out really well.

Multi-color Stand With A Single Drawer

This was a mock-up for a series of stands. It is much shorter than the design, but it came out great.

It is built from white pine and poplar with cabinet grade plywood sides and drawer front that were hand selected for the pattern.

Simple Stand Style 04 - Cherry & Walnut

After finishing Cherry Bench 03 I had a cutoff from the bench's seat that was too great looking to throw away. So I set to pencil and paper and designed a little stand to utilize the cutoff and other scraps of cherry and some walnut I had laying about the shop. After a couple of redesigns and some long hours of figuring out how the joints would work, (which changed a little when I did a dry assembly) this was the final result. Besides the great looking top I love the way the three walnut slats turned out for the base shelf.

Glass Top Side Table

With a reclaimed piece of glass I designed a side table to be used as a show piece.

The glass is nicely recessed and fits snug, so it does not move around at all. The stain is a redwood and I finished it in a smooth poly semi-gloss.

Simple Coffee Table Style 01

This simple, modern, and sleek design is both functional and trendy.

Made for everyday use, light, durable, and attractive.

Small Stands

These are the smallest of the standard style stands I make.

They work great as nesting tables, plant stands, speaker stands, end tables, night stands, etc.

The ones pictured are completed in a mahogany finish.

Large Stands

These are the largest of the standard style stands I make.

They work great as nesting tables, plant stands, speaker stands, knickknack display stands, art display stands etc. The ones pictured are completed in an ebony finish.

Two Drawer Nightstand Dresser

I made this as an interim project with a bunch of scraps, and reclaimed lumber.

Two large and deep drawers to accommodate plenty of clothing and the functionality of a bedside stand. I decided to stain in a two-tone format and it is finished in a semi-gloss poly.

Antique Maple Dresser On Casters

I picked this up and it was already mostly stripped of the original finish and all of the veneer had been ripped off or had fallen off from water damage. There was a lot of disrepair and improper care through the years, but I managed to get the dresser and drawers back together. Then I sanded it down to accept the cherry stain on the drawer faces and the sea-foam blue on the frame. I took a chance on the stains,but two tone look came out great. The new owner was more than happy when he saw this finished piece.

Modified Victrola Cabinet

This Victrola cabinet was in rough shape when I salvaged it. The guts and player were missing, along with the top. It had been in a wet and damp basement, so the veneer was peeling, and something had gnawed off corners of the doors. Through a little work it came back to life re-purposed as a storage cabinet / entry stand.

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Antique Oak Farm Table

Although this antique oak table had been used outside as a planting station, I was able to bring it back to it's original look. The weathering and years of abuse took some serious elbow grease to remove, but the completed refinished piece came out great. I even added the bottom stretcher, which was missing, by using a piece I ripped from an old oak table top that I salvaged some years back.

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Mahogany Serpentine Desk

When I was given this desk it had been through the use of an entire family. The kids had carved and drawn on the top, the finish was worn off in many places, and it was in serious need of refinishing. I stripped the entire piece, sanded repaired the damage, finished and coated it in tung oil. The finished piece speaks for itself.

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Bassett 1960's Oak Desk

Initially I was just going to paint this desk. It was this ugly 60's puke pea green color. The top was damaged and I started to sand it when I found that it wasn't a veneer, but an oak that had been finished with a poly shade. I took the entire desk down to the wood including the drawers, repaired any damage, and stained in a red oak. Then I finished the piece off in a satin poly. The picture does no justice, the final result made the desk look new.

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Cherry Drop Leaf End / Occasional Table

Another landfill rescue, I saw that this little cherry table had a lot of potential. I stripped the whole piece down, worked up a new drawer, replaced all the old screws with larger ones to add durability, and finished in a natural cherry color. The drawer was intentionally made to contrast the rest of the piece due to some of the veneer having long since been removed from the insides of the legs.

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Antique Oak 4 Drawer Serpentine Dresser

The original finish had mostly worn off and there were some large deep gouges that needed repair. The drawers all had to be reassembled, but the unique handles were all in great condition. After I repaired and stripped the dresser down I decided to leave it in a natural state to show off the wonderful front grain pattern on the serpentine drawers.

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Cherry Drop Leaf Table

A great find in someone's basement. The table didn't look like much, the veneer was pulling away from the wood, there was obvious water damage, and one leg was falling off. After some time I was able to remove the veneer, sand, stain, and finish this table in gloss. It came out great. Solid cherry that needed to be shown off instead of a horrible veneer.

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Walnut Drop Leaf Table

This was a great project. The table was in decent condition when I acquired it, but needed some TLC. The finishing coating needed to be stripped and the table was re-stained with one coat to bring the grain out. Tung oil was applied for the new finish and the result was great. It had a beautiful grain pattern and the picture does it no justice.

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Medium Executive Desk in Fire Engine Red

Rescued from going to a landfill, this desk took a little work but turned out great. After fixing many of the drawers and securing the veneer back on in places it was ready for primer and paint. I then finished the whole piece in a gloss poly that made it striking to look at in any room.

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Small Bathroom Cabinet

Found on the side of the road in horrible condition, I brought this cabinet back to life. Now a couple uses it as a TV stand in their family room. I had to bring it down to bear bones and finish it from scratch. It is amazing what a little sanding, paint, and poly can do.

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Small Pine Desk

I picked this up with a covering of disgusting brown paint plastered in stickers, gouges, and scratches. This child's desk was in rough shape. It had potential though. Built in the 50's or 60's, it was still all original and structural intact. With some serious sanding I was able to make it usable again. With only a couple coats of stain, it came back to a natural finish.

Small Wooden Student Desk - 01

This solid wood desk was a found item from a basement. The desk was in very rough shape cosmetically and needed some work structurally. After fixing broken pieces and reinforcing it structurally it was time for sanding and paint. Multiple coats of high gloss black paint and some polyurethane were applied and the desk was back in great condition.

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Queen Anne Oak Coffee Table

A solid oak Queen Anne coffee table that had been scratched, gouges, and colored on. The top was in rough shape. After some sanding and refinishing the table was back to new.

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Steel and Wood Shop Chairs

These chairs were made by the Angel Steel Company for a Rochester, NY factory and many years later were found along a roadside. Most likely from the late 1950's or early 1960's, they are still as sturdy as the day they were made. The rust was removed, the steel painted, and the seats were refinished making them into a great set for commercial or residential use.

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Small Maple Dresser

Most likely made in the 1920's or 30's, a friend purchased this and requested that it be cleaned and a new piece made to replace the broken bottom accent. You can see from the before pictures that this piece was in rough condition. The final result speaks for itself.

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Small Wooden Student Desk - 02

Another solid wood desk that had structural and cosmetic damage. New drawer rails, structural reinforcement, sanding, paint, and polyurethane fixed all of that.

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1930's Burrowes Cedar Chest

Built in the 1930's, this chest stood up to time rather well. With some minor repair work and quite a bit of exterior cleaning and mild refinishing, it now looks like the day it was made. The coolest part about this cedar chest is the newspapers that line the bottom. They are from 1933 and in mint condition. I chose to leave them in for this reason, making the chest a true piece of history.

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1940's Walnut and Tiger Maple Dresser

Rescued from going to the dump, this piece turned out better than I could have ever expected. The dresser was in great structural condition, however, someone had been using it in their garage to spray paint objects on it's top. After a long cleaning process all the paint was removed and the original shine was brought back. I have taken the liberty of covering the reflection in the mirror to focus attention on the dresser itself.

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1940's Maple Hutch

Another item that was being tossed away but had amazing potential. This hutch is most likely from the early 1940's. The original build sticker is still firmly attached to the back. It was in good structural condition, and needed very little reconditioning work. With a little sanding and prep work, the final stain came out great. The handles were donated from a friend and completed the reconditioning.

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1950's Secretary Desk

Sitting on the roadside, waiting for garbage day, this piece found new life. The top was in rough shape, not attached anymore, and the drawer was missing. After constructing a new drawer, reconditioning the top, staining, and polyurethane; this desk found it's way to a newly married couples home.

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Handmade Walnut Desk

Someone hand made this desk from old cabinets and drawers. I have no way of dating this desk other than the design of the cabinet panels that makes it's sides, most likely from the early 1940's or 50's. When I began to refinish the piece I noticed the top was made from a solid slab of walnut. The grain pattern came out beautifully.

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Custom Oversized End Table Cabinet

This was a custom build for someone with an oversized couch that was very deep and had tall sides. The cabinet portion is made from 3/4 inch glued up panels of pine and the top is made from quarter sawn white oak flooring. The flooring is what really made this project unique and challenging. Flooring is great on a floor, but it is a little more difficult to work with as a glued up top. There was quit a struggle in getting it all jointed together with no gaps, but it came out great in the end. The customer was very pleased with the result.

Component Rack

A custom design for specific components. Made from Poplar and birch and finished in Sedona Red. I coated the piece in tung oil to protect and make a very nice presentable sheen.

A very solid piece that is all jointed and has recessed panels, shelves, and top. The customer was very pleased with the final result.

Simple TV Stand / Entertainment Console

This solid built TV stand is made to hold upwards of 500lbs.

Designed with components and gaming consoles in mind, I made it open and extremely durable.

Dark Walnut Small and Medium Bookcase Set

My classic design small and medium bookcase set finished in Dark walnut.

Organic DVD / Book Rack

Originally designed to hold all my DVDs, this is one of the first pieces I designed and built that I could truly say I was proud of.

Finished in Red Mahogany, this isn't only a show piece, but a very functional shelf system for DVDs, paper back books, CDs, VHS tapes, and more.