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Josh Randall

When it comes to woodworking, I enjoy every part. From learning new skills, acquiring tools, mastering techniques, designing, building, and refinishing furniture. Even the process of milling the lumber and sanding. The use of power tools and hand tools to create something from a chunk of wood is a very cool experience. The use of a chainsaw to Alaskan mill slabs for later use is just awesome.

If this sounds interesting to you, take a look through my Portfolio, and read about me below and on my Blog. Check out items I have for sale in my Etsy Store.
Feel free to email josh@randallswoodworks.com with comments, questions, build requests, or refinish estimates. I’ll be happy to get back to you.

How Randall’s Wood Works came to be:

I think it is hard wired into my genetic code. Many of my family members were and are woodworkers, creatives, craftspeople, and business owners. Which is probably why I’ve always enjoyed building things, using tools, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a kid I built crude toys and forts with whatever scraps, tools, and nails I could find. I’d tear things apart, clean up old junk, be intrigued about what objects were and did, and was always looking to build something out of whatever materials I could get my hands on. Literally almost anything was turned into something else. I was the kid that looked at a scrap yard like it was the greatest place on earth, it had EVERYTHING I needed to build something awesome.

Today that kid is still alive and well, but I have learned to keep him a little more focused. I’ve learned to channel that creative energy and unquenchable thirst for knowledge into my passion of woodworking. I’ve spent an incredible amount of time learning about tools, skills, materials, people, designs, etc. Countless hours reading, watching videos, and performing trial and error projects, with an emphasis on the error. It’s really a lot of work to try and get OK at something, let alone good at it. And I never went to school for this or became an apprentice, which honestly might be a good idea at some point, but not today.

I’d much rather spend my time using my awesome STHIL 362 chainsaw to mill my own lumber, Alaskan Mill Style. Sort and stack the rough cut lumber I’ve acquired over the years. Plane and prep said lumber into blanks for projects. Cut and shape those blanks into pieces for projects. Fit and fasten those pieces into assembled projects. Sand and apply finish to those projects. Then sit back and admire those projects. And finally send those projects off to their new home.

Plus all the other stuff that goes on, and has gone on. I could spend hours writing about the ridiculous adventures, hardships, victories, and maybe I will in the blog posts sometime. But the point is, I’m self taught, I continually strive to get better at my craft, and am always looking to improve the quality of my work. That’s what lead to the creation of Randall’s Wood Works. I figure if you’re going to have a hobby fueled by passion, you might as well brand it and make it known to the world. Who knows, maybe it will even ignite something in you, or at least get you to buy something and support my passion. Either way, thanks for reading and enjoy!

What I do:

I spend my time in my Rochester, NY based shop working on many types of projects. From furniture repair, furniture refinishing, painting furniture, designing and building live edge tables and other furniture items, building Adirondack chairs that are my on design, creating cutting boards, designing and building custom furniture projects, coffee tables, end tables, and so much more. Plus all the other random wood repair and woodworking projects that come my way. I’m always busy doing something, and always looking for another opportunity to hone or expand skills. I love what I do!