Original, Reclaimed, and Renewed

With Craft and Quality in Workmanship

Josh Randall

Many people in my family and life are creatives and craftspeople. As a kid watching, learning, and being inspired from all, I built forts, made crude shelves, and generally loved to build anything. I also loved salvaging old items and parts to see how they were made and imagined bringing them back to life. In my teens I started to create furniture designs in hopes of some day building all of them for my own home. Now I want to build the home and all the furniture, but I'm sticking with just the furniture for now.

With a lot of reading, trial, error, and questions for those who have more experience than I. I am actualizing those hopes. Continually learning and refine skills and techniques in my quest to become a master woodworker, or at least a better one, I have managed to make enough pieces to showcase.

Take a look through my portfolio and feel free to contact me with comments and questions. I am no longer taking build requests or refinishing jobs because of being so far behind on all the projects I have lined up. I will in the future though. You can still send me an email at josh@randallswoodworks.com and I'd be happy to get back to you with an answer to any woodworking question.

As always, this site will be updated periodically with newly built and refinished furniture. Check the blog for updates and follow my journey with the social media links below!