Garage Shop Loft Builds

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2018 Started Right!

The Lofts

I have been working on finishing the garage shop up for winter use. I added the second loft over the big door, and connected the two lofts, leaving openings on either side of the middle for access.

I also had to add some more GFCI outlets and rewired an existing outlet so it was on it's own circuit. All of them are on individual 20 amp circuits, so no more blown breakers!

The really fun part was moving everything around in the shop multiple times to rewire the existing outlets so I can access them easier in the future. This required taking down shelving units and removing wall panels. But it's all done and ready to go.

Insulation & An Air Cleaner

The ceiling has been insulated, at least enough to keep most of the heat in, and I added an air cleaner. It will help greatly to keep the lungs clear. Dust is a killer, literally, and I have a serious allergy to it. Yep, the older I get, the worse it gets too. But a respirator and the air cleaner keep it at bay for the most part.

I plan on finishing the rest up later this year, lights, ceiling panels, paint, etc. Plus I need to finish a couple of wall sections that I have left open for easy access. I plan on putting in a couple more GFCI outlets soon.

Overall I am more than happy with the garage shop. It has made my woodworking game stronger and more enjoyable. Life's great!

Now I just need to make some time and get back to project builds!

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